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Hello Everyone-I am Looking for Pen Pals [12 Jul 2013|12:46pm]

I am new here I am a male from Maryland that has some prayer needs and is looking for women postal mail penpals and email penpals. I need prayers because I feel like god does not like me because I made some mistakes that put me in prison . I enjoy penpalling, Basketball , women and cooking. If you would like to be my pen pal please email me at timedwards21501@gmail.com

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Looking for new pen pals :) [04 Jun 2013|08:55pm]

It seems I've lost about a third of my pen pals during this past year or so and because of that I am looking for a few new pen pals.

-Name: Lene
-Age: 28 (but I'll turn 29 this month. *yay*)
-Location: Odense, Denmark
-Occupation: Student at the university of Southern Denmark. Religion (religion history) is my major and history is my minor. I am currently working on my M. A. thesis which is a mix between folklore, religion, history and social science, i guess.

-Main interests: penpalling, gardening, living a low-impact life (though i don't want to go extreme with this), learning (about) languages, history, religion, reading books, crafting (knitting, crocheting, polymer clay, collages, decorating notebooks/boxes/other items.... etc), stamp collecting and a lot of other things... :)

-What genres of music are you into? My fav genres are black metal, death metal, folk/viking metal but my fav bands are the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Doors, Deep Purple... I also listen to some punk, pop, electronic music and rock.

-Favorite books: I love all i've ever read from the Danish author Kenneth Bøgh Andersen (he writes fantasy and horror stories), but I also really like the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (some day after i've graduated from the uni, i will finally find the time to read the complete series!) and the Spook's Books by Joseph Delaney. Besides fantasy i prefer to read
non-fiction books. I am currently reading a book about fossil finds in Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire but have also just recently read books about mindfullness, living green, slavery, horror comedy movies and... i guess this indicates that when it comes to non-fiction I am open to almost all themes. LOL.
I am currently really really interested in pre-Christian Scandinavia, Scandinavian folklore and green living

-Favorite movies: The two all-time fav movies are "Nosferatu" and "Freaks". I do like b/w movies a lot (especially the horror-ones) but i like a lot of genres. I like horror movies a lot (though I've had this accidental ability to avoid some of the VERY famous ones like "nightmare on elm street" and "friday the 13th"), i also love a good (well... bad. LOL) action movie, comedies (in the "genre" where "Ace Ventura" and "Kung Pow" belong), some fantasy movies, lots of thrillers and... recently i've found a liking of old war-movies.

-Describe your ideal penpal: My ideal penpal should be willing to write long letters (i personally write letters that usually are 10-25 pages long), he/she must write handwritten letters (i always write by hand), he/she must be ok with the fact that i sometimes am a bit late (though never more than about 4 months) with my letters as sometimes other things in my life are more important than writing letters (this of course also means that i am perfectly fine with my pals being a little late with letters from time to time, too), we must share at least some interests ( i find it really hard to write with people i have nothing in common with) and he/she must be ok with the fact that i can sometimes be very direct and honest in my letters (i've had some bad experinces with this before so i need to make this clear. I never ask about something or make a comment just to hurt my pal.... i do it because i am interested in the answer and i am interested in getting to know my pal better). Oh, and I need my new pen pal to be ok with the fact that i rarely write questions in my letters, so just comment on whatever you want to in my letters :D
I think this is the main things in an ideal pen pal for me. This also hopefully give my new pen pals an idea about what "kind" of pen pal I am. :)

-What age do you want them to be? I'd prefer them to be about 27-32. If you're older/younger than this and think that we could really get a good friendship still, please convince me to be your new pen pal ;)
-What sex do you want them to be? Either
-What country do you want them to be from? Anywhere, really. :)
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Anyone for FBs? [30 Jul 2012|10:53pm]

I don't have any penpals that do FBs any more, but still have some in my possession.  I was wondering if I could send them to someone as I'd hate to think of myself as the person that left them to go to waste...so if you would like me to, I would be happy to send them on their way, just comment below or send an address.  Or be my penpal, I write good long letters!  Thanks everyone...and I hope this is allowed, if not just delete it mods, thanks! x
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Hi [18 Jul 2011|07:40pm]
I'm 28, i live near Glasgow, Scotland. I'm looking for more penpals from anywhere.  I like music (rock), films(mainly horror), games(DS,Xbox,Wii), Vampires,Werewolfs,Zombies, Anything like that, ghosts/paranormal, egyptian mythology and loads more, please feel free to get in touch if you want to write. Thanks.
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"hello" [01 May 2011|07:55pm]

Name: Sarah
Age: 22
Birthday: 14th January, which makes me a capricorn.
Gender: Female
Orientation: bisexual.
Location: Crawley, West Sussex (Near London and Brighton).
Occupation: Youth worker.
Languages Spoken: English and broken German
Relationship status: Long Term Relationship

Interests: Cooking / Baking, Reading, Writing, Listening to music, Watching films, True Crime, Cats, Rabbits, Fashion, Make up, Lazing around, Hanging out at the beach, shopping.

Music: I like all types of music, some of my fave bands are: Kate Nash, Adele, Machine head, slipknot, bring me the horizon, Architects, Parkway Drive, Rhianna, Avril Lavigne, No doubt, Garbage, Pink, Katy perry, linkin park, rob zombie etc.

Movies: I like quite a lot, I am interested in old films / westerns as my partner loves watching them at his family. i also love all horror / gore/ serial killer typre films, romance, chick flicks. I would be here all day writing so I give you my fave 10: 10 things I hate about you, the ugly truth, it's complicated, the strangers, Harry potter films (I can cheat :P), cemetary junction, pulp fiction, Monster, House of 1000 corpse and juno.

TV: I am obsessed with tv shows, I love Grey's anatomy, family guy, american dad, secret diary of a call girl, bob's burgers, gossip girl, house, Dexter, the OC, one tree hill, gilmore girls etc.

Reading: I love reading, I own about 100 books of different genre. I enjoy reading true crime / serial killers, chick lit, classics and finding new authors. Some of my fave authors are richard laymon, stephan king, Cecilia Ahern, Marian keyes etc.
Pen Pal Info
How many penpals do you have? None
How many do you want? 5
Do you want email pals? No thank you.
Do you want snail-mail penpals? Yes.
How long are your letters? I usually write quite long letters in the past.
How long does it take you to reply to a letter? I will usually write a reply as soon as I read the incoming letter.
Would you like your penpal to be male or female? Female
Age: late teens early 20's.
What are you looking for in a pen pal? I'm looking for someone who has similar interests, not all the same as I like learning new things for people. I would also like them to maybe do package swaps every now and then.
Where would you like them to be from? It doesn't matter, I would like them to be in the USA, Austriliara and Europe.

I also do not mind writing first.
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[21 Jul 2010|03:11am]

Hello, I'm Joy and I've just joined :) I'd be happy to correspond with people from anywhere in the UK (or abroad, since I noticed some non-UK people reading!) I've not done any pen-palling via LJ before but I'm supposing that the best thing to do if you're interested is to email me or contact me via my LJ inbox (my e-mail address is in my profile.)

SurveyCollapse )

Thanks for reading!
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new community [20 Jul 2010|11:45am]

(i'm not sure that it's allowed to do this kind of post in this community but if it's not then i hope the moderator will delete it)

I made a new community that is about pen palling and snail mail and stuff like that. it's not a community about finding new pen pals or sell something snail mail-related. among other things we talk about problems we have with penpalling and we post pictures of things we want to swap (not sell) or newly received letters/packages that we are really excited about.

this far the community has only been up for about 12 hours so we only have very few entries and members still.

If you're interested in joining here's the link: penpalrelated
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[09 Jun 2010|02:36pm]

so... the last few times i posted about wanting to swap envelopes for stationery sheets and stickers there hasn't been too much of a response... but i still got lots of envies and i'm still optimistic about (hopefully) not having to throw them out in the garbage. :)
As mentioned i'd like to get stationery sheets and/or stickers in return. i only have a minimum of what i want in return and that's 1 sheet of paper per 2 envelopes... if you want to send me more than that it's really really really cool, but it's not an absolute must. :)

i have made a few themed "collections" and you can see some of the envies from each "collection" behind this cutCollapse )
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Yet another request! [17 Jul 2009|11:16pm]

Hi all!

I have yet another request! Does anyone make sticky address labels? I need labels to be used for FB's! My printer keeps messing them up, so Im kind of desperate. haha. And my hand keeps cramping from writing my stuff in manually! Please please please?

let me know what you want in return! I live in California, 20 minutes from the capitol city.
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[10 Jul 2009|01:05am]

Name: Erich
Age: Almost 29
Date of Birth: 15.07.80
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Sign: Cancer
Location: Washington, MO USA
Occupation: Infotainment Team Member
Languages Spoken: English
Piercings or Tats: Labret, Dragon on left leg, 4 leaf clover on left arm near my armpit. More ink to come!
Looking for: A snailmail pal, world pal, and new online friends.
Do you want new livejournal friends?: No Please, would rather write about my life to friends.

About Me: I'm Erich. I have lived in Missouri all of my life. I am very laid back, blunt and honest. I love my family and my friends, and love spending time with them. I work all week, and come home to spend time with family and friends, and take care of my cat Spice.

Hobbies/Interests: Camping, Cooking, Animals, Recycling, Our Environment, 4:20 Friendly, Music, Movies, Books, Rivers, Lakes, Cooking outside, Cooking shows and collecting recipes, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Football, Traveling, Festivals, Meeting new people from everywhere who have the same interests.

Music: So many so will only list a few.. I love almost all kinds of music. Music will always be my life. 40-s thro mid 90's music. I love music from the UK alot. Some of my favorite bands: Mushroomhead, The Grateful Dead, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Crystal Castles, The Prodigy, Ministry, Hank Williams III, Gravity Kills, Sublime, Stone Temple Pilots, Eminem, 8 Ball @ MJG, Lil Wayne.

Books: I don't have much time to read as i'd like to anymore. But I like the Sookie Stackhouse novels, the Harry Potter series, and various other books from Anne Rice, Mark Twain, Friedrich Nietzsche, and american civil war books.

TV: Soo many so will only list a few.. I don't watch as much tv as I did in the 80's. I love alot of 80's after school specials and citcoms way more than tv today. True Blood, Heroes, Weeds, How I met your Mother, Dead Like Me, BBC World News, Fox Sports, ESPN, Food Network, The History Channel, Attack of the Show, TNA Inpact, X-Play.

Movies: Soo many so will only list a few.. Cecil b. Demented, Natural Born Killers, Gods and Generals, The Midnight Meat Train, Hellraiser 2, Puppet Master movies, Back to School, The Breakfast Club, The lost boys, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, What Dreams may Come, Fight Club, Grandma's boy.

How many penpals do you have?: None right now.

Favorite Drinks?: Pepsi, RC Cola, 7up, Un sweet and sweet iced tea, many flavors of Gatorade, Bud light, PBR, Capt. Morgan Spiced Rum, Hawaiian Punch, Coffee with milk.

Favorite Food?: Potatoes, and so many Veggies. If if it wasn't for me liking boneless chicken is stews and soups, and Beef I'd not eat meat at all. Pastas, grainy foods, cheese cake.

How many pen pals do you want?: As many that will write me.

What are you looking for in a pen pal?: Someone who wants to be my friend either by hand written letters and or on networking sites. Someone who will want to write me for awhile, that is cool with reading about me vent about my life, and that likes receiving small gifts in the mail.

How long are your letters?: First one a couple pages long front and back. Later on letters I
like to send things from here in the mail. =)

How long are your emails?: Not very long. Just giving out my address mostly.

Do you hand-write or type?: Hand write only.

How long does it take you to reply to an email?: Less than a day.

Would you like them to be male or female?: Doesn't matter.

What race would you like them to be? : Doesn't matter.

What age would you like them to be?: 18 and up.

Where would you like them to be from?: Anywhere but Missouri. Love to have new pals from Canada, Europe, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

If you want you can send me a email to exchange info @ gorilocks@gmail.com or contact me @ www.myspace.com/grey_coat_gor
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:D [08 Jul 2009|04:31pm]

Does anyone by chance want to swap something for some chocolate. I desperately miss the European chocolate that I got so used to when I was there in 2007 and hersheys bars just aren't cutting it! I'd love to try anything thats NOT from the US. And I can send you whatever you like in return. From kawaii/normal stationary to random requests from California. I can get japanese snacksies too.
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collage! [15 Jun 2009|09:25pm]

Does anyone have anything interesting or quirky that they want to add to my wall collage? I'm making it out of postcards(as the background) which you wonderful people are sending me, but now I need stuff for the front! I can only dig up so much funky stuff in my room!

Anyone have random, cool things they'd like to add? Photos are going to get put up in my journal once its finished!

Oh! And if you're bomb at origami, that would be awesome too! I misplaced my Hello kitty origami paper. :(

email or comment!

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Hello! [12 Jun 2009|11:32am]

Hey guys!

I was wondering, would anyone by chance be willing to send me a postcard for a wall collage I'm making in my room? please please please? I cant offer much besides CA and Sacramento Capitol cards, plus maybe a lake tahoe or reno, and mapcards, or some kawaii stationary. but I reeeeeaaaaalllly want to have an awesome diverse collage!

Please comment or email me at: popglitz@live.com

Thanks guys!
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Hi! [02 Jun 2009|05:49pm]

Lets see here, I figured I should probably write a good bio this time instead of the usual where i live, age, hobbies, ect.

My name is K, and I'm young, but old at heart. I'm nearly 18 years old, but have been through more than most teenagers. I have my issues, but I also have some great qualities. I have a difficult time making friends in real life due to some social anxiety, and what not. I'm also bipolar, but I promise I wont pull a crazy on you! As far as what I enjoy doing...I love to write! its probably the one thing that I do especially well, and it also shows in my letters. I listen to a variety of music depending on my mood, and I also enjoy reading! I'd love to travel someday(I've been to a few countries in Europe, but thats it.) but I'm not all that sure when. I have a love of cute stationary, but I also enjoy decorating my own paper or writing on notebook paper(not the frilly kind!) because I enjoy the simplicity of it all.

As far as my penpalling goes, Im looking for people who will actually stick around! I want a lasting friendship and I would prefer long-ish letters if possible. I for sure will stay around as your friend, so no worries there. Anyways, I really hope I've interested someone in commenting on my ad/profile thing! if you'd like, I can also send you a link to my blog and you can check that out as well!

Overall, I'm a creative, somewhat hippy-ish, quirky girl looking for a few new friends by mail!

I swear its really me!

Email is: popglitz@live.com or just comment please. :D
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Swap!!!! [09 May 2009|07:28pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hi all :)
Been going through my stationery stuff again and i thought that it might be time for doing swaps again. I got envelopes and Diddl- stuff (sheets, envies, small memo pads (not full)… etc) that I’d like to swap for stationery sheets (anything but Diddl… ) and stickers. If you got something else you’d like to swap for then ask me cos I might still be interested. Hehe. I’m not too picky.
If you are interested you can either write to me here or at my email: lene_is_insane AT hotmail DOT com

Hope to hear from lots of people

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Greets from Belgium [28 Dec 2008|06:04am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Name: Sididis
Age: 40 ( aaaaargh!)
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Gender: Male

Number of penpals wanted: whatever
What gender: either
What age: 21+
package trades: Illustrated letters and envelopes and stuff: mixtape cd's/flashdrives, stickers, club flyers, lollipops, buttons

Music: Darkwave; EBM, Industrial, Noise, Electro-clash, Electro Goth; Hard dance, Psytrance, Ambient
Hobbies: Drawing, Photography, Collecting and mixing music
Books: Anything by Tanith Lee; Raymond Chandler; Micheal Moorcock; Kim Newman; Neil Gaiman; Alan Moore; Storm Constantine; Thomas Liggotti; China Mieville; HP Lovecraft; Philip K Dick; Garth Nix; Jeff Noon; Ilona Andrews; Jim Butcher and Martin Millar
Movies: Read more...Collapse )

Write a little about yourself:  Recently moved to Belgium from London, but spent a lot of my life in South Africa. I live in a
big 3 storey house on the outskirts of Antwerp with 2 housemates, 2 dogs and 2 black cats. I'm single after a very long relationship that became messy, I work in finance(whoo) which pays the bills, I'm curious, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and have a good albeit dark sense of humour. I still enjoy clubbing and and chase strobes whenever I can, which in Belgium is quite often. I've been around the block a few times, started off as a snotty-nosed punk, became a goth, drifted into techno and rave and then finally became me and I'm comfortable with that. I'm intending doing all the big festivals in the Netherlands and Germany in 2009 and it would be fun to go with someone.

Picture (optional):
pictjaCollapse )

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swapping! i got envelopes.. what do you have? [10 Oct 2008|12:59am]

[ mood | excited ]

hey everybody!
i got lots of cute envelopes from letter sets that i don't use. I use all the paper for my letters to my penpals but i can never live long enough to use all the envelopes and i'd feel bad about just throwing them out.
so i was wondering if there was any snail mailers out there who would like some cute envelopes?

i got all kinds of themes: disney, flowers, object, people....etc

Please keep in mind that most of the envelopes are pretty old so the glue on them probably won't work (so you can just use some tape to close the envelopes) and i don't have any envelopes with newer disney characters.

i can send you as many envelopes as you wish (i litterally have hundreds of envelopes....) and you can just send as much back as you like (as long as i get at least one thing back...).

The things i'd like to get in return are: letter set-/notepad-/stationery sheets (that i can use in my letters to my penpals), stickers and address labels.

to make an example: i can send you 10 envelopes and you can send me (minimum) a sheet of stickers/5 sheets of paper/a few address labels in return. I'd be happy to get more in return of course.. but my main reason to swap the envies for something else is that i just find it too big a shame to throw the envelopes out.

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Swops Community [01 Sep 2008|03:35pm]


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Hey peoples, I'm looking for new pals =) [06 Jul 2008|02:24am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Name: Suki/Sarah
Age 22 (04/05/1986)
Lives: Edinburgh. Scotland
Lives with: My parents, Brothers Greg (17) and Cameron (12) and the two dalmatians, Dexter and Bear
Also for part of the week I stay with my fiance Ben and his flatmate Garry and the 3 furbabies (aka ferrets) Finn, Dante and Kali....

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Hiya! [04 Jul 2008|05:32pm]


Name: Tamsin
Age: 21
Location: Nottingham, England
Gender: Female

Number of penpals wanted: Lots and lots!
What gender: Not fussed
What age: Any age really
Package trades: Definately

Music: I like lots of different types of music including metal, rock, indie. My fave band is cradle of filth.
Hobbies: I love painting, drawing, creating collages, scrapbooking, music, going to gigs, reading, photography, tattoos, piercings, watching silent movies
Books: Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, all Sarah Walters books, Bram Stokers Dracula, Sweet Valley High
Movies: Pandoras Box, Nosferatu, Labyrinth, Pans Labyrinth, My Neighbour Totoro, Sleepy Hollow, Interview with a Vampire, Pretty Persuasion, Calamity Jane, The King and I, Cradle of Fear

A Little About Myself
I work in nottingham as a surveyor but would love to be an artist. I make lots of art, mainly mixed media stuff.  I'm really excited about finding some penpals! I'm looking forward to hearing from people from all over the world. I love writing and receiving long letters and I'd like to exchange little presents!

If you want to get in touch email me: velvet_kiss@hotmail.co.uk

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